Alvin Extension Club Scholarship

Scholarships are to benefit 4H students graduating from AISD schools. Applicant must have 4H experience and membership during high school years (does not have to be all 4 years). Student will need to submit recommendation from 4H Club leader, or County Extension Agent. Also, an essay written by the student explaining what 4H has meant to you and in what way your experiences in 4H will impact your future. Must have been a member sometime during their 4 years of high school.

Supplemental Questions
  1. CLICK ON "ADD A NEW REFERENCE" BELOW to provide the name and email address of either your 4-H Club leader or County Extension Agent that you have been involved with through 4-H and who can provide a recommendation on your behalf. Note: This must be a different name than you provided on your General Application.
  2. Please submit an essay explaining what 4-H has meant to you and in what way your experiences in 4-H will impact your future. Also, include any additional information you would like us to consider.